Quantum Mennonite

Quantum is energy in its smallest form, and Quantum Mechanics is showing that the smallest of things have their own rules—rules that appear to defy laws of physics. Quantum-sized things get to be different, behave in ways normal folks might think odd, or queer or even dangerous. To understand, we have to reformat our logical reasoning and let go of all that we thought we knew as truth.

Mennonites were the quantums of the Reformation. A small group, they developed their own rules, defied the logical reasoning of the times and defined truth for themselves. Flash forward 500 years—in a Ladies Home Journal article from 1951, Dorothy Thompson suggested that by embracing peace and by acting in love, perhaps Mennonites were more scientifically advanced then the rest of society. Ms. Thompson gave Mennonites the label ‘Queer People,’ and said that Mennonites thrive because their faith calls them to love—love makes them free and love connects them to the source of life. *

I was raised Mennonite. I was taught to be radical by practicing pacifism, loving and exploring my own ability to define truth. My journey included the discovery that I am queer, a gay man, living in a unique and changing era for queers around the world. Mennonites resist change, and so have I, but through that struggle I have come to see myself as a quantum: small but powerful, living by rules that challenge logical reasoning and what we once believed was truth.

We can all be Queer People. With the energy of love and the energy of peace, we create change, we heal, not just ourselves, but the entire universe.

I am a Quantum Mennonite.
* Thompson, Dorothy, “Queer People,” Ladies’ Home Journal, Jan., 1952. (see full text here: http://www.swissmennonite.org/feature_archive/2005/200510.html)

Published by Adam Conrad Hostetter

Writer. Master Reiki Practitioner. Tarot card reader. Because exploring life's purpose is fun!

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