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Adam Conrad Hostetter is Quantum Mennonite.

Personal Reiki Master

Tarot Card reader


Storyteller, educator and speaker

Trainer, coach, workshop/event planner and facilitator

and food fermenter

Knight of Cups, Thoth Deck

Quantum Mennonite Mission: to love everyone and everything all the time.

The Knight of Cups symbolizes my mission. Cups is about emotions, and he has the crab of Cancer in his cup–representing nurturing, family, protection of those cared about, and seeking the source. Look at this guy! Charging ahead, knowing he isn’t perfect, but actively offering his love. I strive for this kind of energy!

Adam practices the healing arts of Reiki, yoga and meditation. He has experience with community storytelling, mindfulness, the Enneagram, Myers-Briggs and the Tarot as vehicles to deepen self-understanding and awareness. He has trained hundreds of people, creating engaging learning opportunities on topics as diverse as team development, leadership principles, change theory and genuine self-realization pathways.

Adam is a queer Mennonite man from Pennsylvania Dutch Country. Peace making, community service, genuine reflection and braving being different are Mennonite principles that frame his life. Adam draws inspiration from grandparents who were shunned from both the Amish and Mennonites. Embracing personal truth, and facing demons and angels to find a path with God, family and community is part of his lineage. He draws strength from those stories. Adam believes his life journey includes healing ancestral wounds and breaking old patterns.

For more than a decade, Adam has worked with Odyssey Storytelling, producing storytelling events once per month in Tucson, Arizona and around the United States. Speaking truth to power through art and storytelling are key elements to understanding the self, a cornerstone process in adult learning. Some organizations Adam works with include Brethren and Mennonite Council, the Rogue Theatre, StoryArts Group and Shalom Mennonite Fellowship.

Adam has been an adult literacy educator at Pima Community College for over twenty years. Starting as an ESL teacher, he moved through roles as a life skills teacher, professional developer/trainer, coach, program manager and director. As a grant writer, he has worked with teams to maintain more than five-million dollars in annual state and federal grants.