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Reiki session can be scheduled in increments of 30 minutes.

30 minutes: $30.00  

Find an appointment time here. Are you out of town? In another state? Out of country? Ask me about doing Reiki at-a-distance! The universal energy of Reiki is not limited by time and space!

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Adam is a trained Personal Reiki Master. Training completed December 1, 2018.

Reiki is an ancient Japanese system of natural healing. A touch modality that is gentle, non-invasive and non-manipulative. Reiki channels energy through the hands. It helps with relaxation and stress reduction, along with enhancing a sense of well-being. Some of the potential benefits of Reiki include: decreasing or quieting physical discomfort, enhancing creativity, decreasing anxiety, balancing energy, releasing emotions and heightening awareness and insights.

Tarot and Reiki sessions can be combined for an enhanced experience. Ask me!

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What is Reiki

My teacher: Marsha Drozdoff

What my clients are saying:

My first Reiki experience was great. I went in not knowing what to expect with little knowledge of the process. Adam explained everything beforehand. I did not feel rushed and had the opportunity to ask questions. Great experience! -MM

The experience was relaxing and Adam is very professional. but so personable as well. I especially liked the time to meditate and prepare for the session. -BP

I’ve never had a Reiki session before, after Adam’s excellent work I am hooked. The session itself felt uneventful; the calm afterwards was quite extraordinary. -CC

Adam is gentle, present and intuitive. I felt very comfortable and nurtured. -PS

Before my Reiki session I was experiencing some anxiety, arthritis pain, a bit of confusion. During the session I experienced relaxation, calmness, a sense of energy in the midst of the calms. Settling. It felt like Adam had three hands. After the session, at first, I experienced lethargy (not in a bad way!). Today, good energy and less pain in my knee. But mainly, an affirmation that my current life transition means less energy around head, and more around heart and gut. I’m also curious about why my feet were so full of energy! –KS

I liked the peacefulness and the good intentions. -MM

Adam has the gifts of presence, insight and holding space for whatever energy work needs to unfold. The tarot reading was enlightening, but also so much fun! The Reiki session was my first and I was totally open. For some it is a deep relaxation experience, but for me, it was a clearing experience, which I believe is helping me move forward in the next stage of my life. Many days after the session I am still learning from the session and experiencing new insights. I highly recommend Adam to anyone who wants to experience the gifts of tarot and Reiki energy work. -JS

Before my Reiki session I felt general stress. During the session I experienced complete relaxation and safety. After the session I went to Rocky Point and stared at the sea for hours at a time. Super relaxed. -PS

I was surprised at how deep the relaxation was and how long it lasted, that day. I’ve experienced a lot of body work and never felt that depth. Even napped a bit afterwards, which is hard for me. -KS

Adam is such a grounding presence- something we all need tenfold in our lives! He worked silently and with love and intent. After the session, my own experience was validated when he shared some of his own observations. -JC

Before my Reiki session I was experiencing stiffness and anxiety, During Reiki I did not experience a whole lot honestly, other than warmth and support. Since the session I have had a sense of calm and expansion. -CC

Before my session I felt tiredness, pain, some depression. During, I experienced deep relaxation. Since the session I’ve just been in a great mood and I keep smiling! -CM

Before my Reiki session I had a scattered mind and heart. During the session I had a feeling of presence and surrender. Some pretty vivid images. Then I fell asleep! I couldn’t believe it. After, the session served as kind of an anchor for me. -JC

Since my Reiki session I can talk a bit faster – sometimes there’s a big disjointedness and it seems better synchronized. Thank you. -MM

Before my Reiki session I felt much sadness. During the session I had a chance to relax my mind and focus on the positive meditative words. Since the session I’ve experienced Being more mindful of my thoughts. -BP

The session was a powerful experience for me. I definitely had blocked energy and old emotions that needed to be released. I admit I feel a little vulnerable having sobbed during the session; this took me a bit by surprise. Thank you! -JS

Since the session I have felt that there is so much to learn and explore! -JS

During the session I tried to feel more and think less, with less degree of success than I would have liked. But I definitely experienced deep relaxation, more as the session went on. -KS

I liked the combo of Tarot and reiki; I liked going over what it is and isn’t at the beginning; I liked the extended period of deep relaxation afterwards; I really like the sense of peace and calm during the session. i also really liked your perceptions about what you felt from my energy, after the session. -KS

I would recommend the Tarot/Reiki combination. I felt like the two complemented each other and you know how to weave thoughts, energy, feelings into a tapestry of insight and relaxation. -KS

I felt very relaxed during the process and stress free. -MM

I liked having everything explained to me beforehand and then the time to discuss after. This was my first time and I wasn’t sure what to expect. -MM

Since my Reiki session I have felt very relaxed in stressful situations along with a sense of peace. -MM

My Reiki session was relaxing mostly. I enjoyed being aware of my body, breathing and nature around me. -MM