My Stories

Spanked – Injustice and coming of age in the 5th grade classroom; A story about my mother.
Gorilla! Little did I know that saving terrified adult campers was my after-school job.
Unforgivable – Is masturbation a sin? Remembering a transforming moment in high school.
Billy the Bat – Mom makes it clear – disobedience leads to death.
Shunnings – Can old family patterns be broken?
Philadelphia – The city’s homeless, the AIDS epidemic, and coming of age in the early 1990’s, with Tom Hanks and Denzel Washington!
The Book Table – The word “gay” finally sticks.

My Name – What does it mean to called ‘Adam’ and why have snakes always been part of my life?
Trachselwald castle – On the same night, I learn (1) that my great (x7) grandfather was a prisoner in a Swiss castle in the 1700s and (2) that I’ll soon be visiting the castle as part of an Amish/Mennonite heritage tour. Dragons. Ghosts. Buddhists and more…
The Fourth Angel – I ruin my Hollywood prospects but save my family from toxic chemical exposure.
Forgiveness – Part dream, part meditation. I forgive myself.
Loving E.T. – E.T. teaches me about love.
Live Your Blessing–A Sermon – I wrestle with God and win. A coming out story.
Taboo Underoos – A Digital Story about asking my parents for something I could never have.
COVID-19 Positive – Surviving the plague of our lifetime
The Four Spiritual Laws – I’m sent to San Francisco to be an evangelist and find myself.
Hollywood – My dream was to be discovered by Hollywood and whisked off to have my true self revealed to me. The universe had other helpers in mind.
Lover – My Grammy called me lover. And taught me how to love.
Photo Credit - Mike Sweeney
Welcoming the Vampire Woman – Dreaming awake to face fears
Loving Henry – A dog teaches me about love.
Missing Hugh – I wonder, Where does the hate come from? And I learn about blame.
How to Plan a Queer-normative, Non-patriarchal, Fun and Joyful Wedding in Six Easy Steps – Jim and I finally tie the knot!
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