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Positive and Healing

Tarot sessions can be scheduled in 30 minutes intervals.

30 minutes: $30.00  

Find an appointment time here. Are you out of town? In another state? Out of country? Ask me about doing Tarot at-a-distance! The archetypal energy of Tarot is not limited by time and space!

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Connect with the symbols of your unconscious mind; archetypes, the hero’s journey of your own life. Your tarot reading will reinforce your life direction, provide positive guidance, and help you see how the universe is conspiring with you to make all of your dreams come true.

Tarot and Reiki sessions can be combined for an enhanced experience. Ask me!

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What my clients are saying:

The tarot reading was enlightening, but also so much fun! Many days after the session I am still learning from the session and experiencing new insights. I highly recommend Adam to anyone who wants to experience the gifts of tarot and Reiki energy work. -JS

I would recommend the Tarot/Reiki combination. I felt like the two complemented each other and you know how to weave thoughts, energy, feelings into a tapestry of insight and relaxation. -KS

Adam is gentle, present and intuitive. I felt very comfortable and nurtured. -PS

I liked the combo of Tarot and reiki; I liked going over what it is and isn’t at the beginning; I liked the extended period of deep relaxation afterwards; I really like the sense of peace and calm during the session. I also really liked your perceptions about what you felt from my energy, after the session. -KS

The tarot reading was great to reflect on. -CM

Since the session I’ve just been in a great mood and I keep smiling! -CM

I experienced strong symbolic images and a sense of energy moving as well as some past life insights. This was unexpected. I absolutely loved the tarot reading and could spend hours doing this. The archetypes and symbolism are so fascinating and provocative! Thank you! -JS

Since the session I have felt that there is so much to learn and explore! -JS