Distance Reiki – The Solution for Social Distancing

Find a time to schedule Distance Reiki now!

There are things I’ve learned through this quarantine and social distancing that I want to maintain. One is scheduled Distance Reiki.

From as early as Level 1 Reiki training, a practitioner has the ability to send Reiki. I’d done it a little, but not by appointment, and not as an alternative to an in-person Reiki session. I’d also never had a Reiki Master do scheduled Distance Reiki on me. So I tried it.

Reiki Master Patrick Moore and I talked by phone for a few minutes, then hung up our phones but stayed connected energetically. He did a 30-minute Distance Reiki session with me while I relaxed on my bed.

Some of my concerns about offering scheduled Distance Reiki included, would the client feel anything? Would the connected be discernable? Would the value of Distance Reiki be the same an in-person session?

As I allowed myself to sink into my bed and feel the tension spots in my body, I had the sensation of an energy surge down my body and then back up. It reminded me of the scan I do on clients as I get started to see if any places call out for attention. Immediately after, I felt the connection with Patrick. It was as if I could feel his hands working on me, and the same relaxation and release that has been my in-person Reiki experience opened up. During the 30-minutes I was aware and experiencing Reiki in a way that felt no different from my in-person experiences.

And, it had additional benefits:

  1. I did not have to go anywhere or have anyone with me, which meant,
  2. I could wear whatever I wanted and be as showered or not-showered as I wished!
  3. I could be in whatever location in my home that made me the most relaxed
  4. I could choose the sounds/music around me
  5. After, I could take as much time as I wished to sink deeply into Reiki bliss
  6. All completely available in quarantine or times of social-distancing

I’ve had this scheduled Distance Reiki experience twice now, and both times resulted in extended naps that I woke from refreshed and energized.

Considering the stress, fear and anxiety – even the trauma – of these unusual times, I know Reiki is needed now more than ever. We hear about the virus a lot, and all the methods and new ways we need to prepare to live to keep ourselves healthy and safe. Now, more than ever, we need to hear about healing! Reiki has always been a healing modality.

Consider scheduling an appointment! Find more info about Distance Reiki here.

PS – I’m in the process of Reiki Master Teacher (RMT) training. When I planned to become a teacher, and take the training, we were in a pre-COVID-19 world, but the training has shifted online and everyone in the class, including my teacher is learning so much about Reiki, and how to teach, learn and practice at a distance. Watch for future news about Reiki classes that I will soon be able to offer!

Published by Adam Conrad Hostetter

Writer. Master Reiki Practitioner. Tarot card reader. Because exploring life's purpose is fun!

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